Massage Therapy for Babies - What Oil Should You Use?

Ever since, massage has always been helpful to people in many different ways. For babies, it is used to make their muscles stronger and to give them better quality sleep. Baby massage is usually done with an oil, which serves to let the hand glide smoothly on the skin surface. With the right oil, friction is lessened and the baby is more comfortable. Otherwise, the baby may feel irritated and the purpose of providing the massage is defeated.

If you're planning to give your baby regular massage therapy at the Deep Tissue Massage Newport RI center, you have two choices of oil to use - vegetable oil and commercial oil. Vegetable oil is the more common choice of mothers because it contains high amounts of linoleic acid, which serves to protect your baby's delicate skin. Safflower oil and grapeseed oil are considered to be the best for baby massage.

However, you still need to look into many other factors before you can pick the right massage oil for your baby. Some babies, for example, are allergic to nuts or gluten. To keep your baby safe, avoid peanut oil, wheat germ oil or any oil that tends to be too strong for your little one. What you can do is to test the oil first on your baby's skin. Just apply a small droplet of the oil on the arm or leg and keep it there for 24 hours. If you don't find any negative reactions, that means the oil is safe for the rest of the body.

Generally speaking, oil tends to make the skin feel warm when applied. Hence, you must also look into the season when choosing a specific oil, making sure your baby doesn't feel any temperature-related discomforts. Coconut oil and sesame oil have cooling properties, so they're probably two of the best to use in the summer. Another choice you have is almond oil, which actually goes with any season, but is rather expensive.

In winter, especially in India, mustard oil is a popular choice. If you find the smell too strong, try almond oil. During the colder months, it's often best to heat the massage oil before applying it so that it's easier to spread around.

When deciding on an oil to use for your baby, take note that her skin will be very, very delicate. So be sure to choose one which will not be irritating. Stay away from oleic acid-rich vegetable oils, such as sunflower seed oil, because they irritate the skin and cause rashes. To buy the best massage oil for your baby, always read the labels. Also stay away from fragrant oils as they can irritate the skin, especially when the baby has eczema.

Finally, forget that myth about fresh cream, turmeric or gram flour being good for giving a baby massage. Experts from the Therapeutic Massage Newport RI center say raw milk causes skin infections and gram flour blocks pores, thus leading to rashes. Turmeric may have anti-bacterial abilities, but it is still very harsh for baby skin.